Becoming an Iperius Backup reseller/distributor is very easy.

There are no obligations, but only advantages in offering to customers a safe, efficient and useful solution through time.

Resellers can get NFR licenses to make internal tests, have a completely free technical support service (by e-mail, phone, Skype) from Iperius Backup development team, activate the Web Console to easily monitor their customers’ backup.

Our partners get chance to resell a product which is both reliable and high-quality and which allows them to get high profits even though price to final customers is highly competitive.

Iperius Backup Team is always available to assist resellers and their customers for any needs. Moreover, if there is some particular feature you need, and you can not find in Iperius, you can ask for a custom development and work with us to improve our backup software.

Looking for further information on our Reseller Program? Click here.

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Become an Iperius Backup Reseller
Iperius Backup Team


    1. Iperius Backup Team Article Author

      The backup is written first by Oracle itself into the server disk, or into a network share if it has enough privileges. You must specify an existing path. Iperius cannot move the file automatically to the server where it is installed, so you can take backups files from network shares or activating an FTP/SFTP server.

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