Yes, Iperius Backup Free can be used on any business environment and can be installed also on servers. Moreover, Iperius is one of few backup programs that are completely free also for Windows Server. Freeware license has no expiration neither usage restrictions (simply some advanced features are disabled).

Iperius Backup Free version can backup files and folders on internal or external disks, USB drives, network, NAS and any mass storage device. You can schedule multiple backups and receive a notification by email every time a backup is completed. It’s possible to set up unlimited backup jobs and copy unlimited folders to any locations without restrictions in size or performance.

Iperius Backup Free can perform incremental backups and zip compression.

Download Iperius Backup Free now:

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However, if you are looking for business solutions, we suggest to evaluate commercial editions, that have many additional benefits.

First of all, licenses have no expiration, then support and updates are for free.

Finally, in addition to advanced backups like disk image, database backup, FTP backup and Cloud backup, paid versions allow copying files that are opened or in use, installation as service, remote management through the Web Console and other important features.

Iperius is one of the most affordable and reliable solution to protect your data (personal or business). Prices start from €29 for workstations (Desktop) and from €69 for servers.

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Can Iperius Backup Free be used by companies ?
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