Iperius is one of the most complete and flexible backup software available, and allows to create integrated and complex backups procedures, to multiple destinations.

Iperius can back up any database, without any limitation, and transfer it automatically to different cloud storage spaces. A typical example is the backup of a SQL Server database to Azure Storage (Microsoft Cloud). Therefore an online backup of the database, encrypted, compressed and completely automated.

As said before, Iperius allows, in a very easy way, to integrate different backup types. To make an SQL Server backup to Azure, you first need to configure the database backup as shown in the following tutorial:

How to make an SQL Server backup with Iperius Backup

Then, in the backup job destinations, you have to add a cloud destination to Azure, as shown in the following tutorial:

Backup to Microsoft Azure Storage

Joining these two simple procedures – an SQL Server backup item (or of any other database) and a destination to the cloud Azure Storage – you can easily create a powerful backup strategy to automatically save your database to a different geographic location, safe from hardware failures, thieves, natural disasters or hacker attacks.

The chance to create multiple accounts and use multiple cloud storage services, guarantees an optimal data redundance, together with the maximum security of HTTPS protocol and client-side AES encryption.


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SQL Server Backup to Azure with Iperius Backup
Iperius Backup Team

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