What is a Cyber Crime?


Any crime which involve computer and internet is called cyber crime. Technology has created a lot of easiness in our life, whether you are an exciting shopper, interested in research or want to be socialize, you can access a whole new virtual world by just typing few word through computers. but the same technology that is bringing comfort in life of a common man is also making things easier for criminals to perform their false activities just by sitting behind a computer screen. These days its been a lot easier to do malicious activities online. Many computer experts hack and break the securities of certain websites or try to trap other people by giving them fake offers online. A term know as cyber crime is used for such online malicious activities.

Digging Own Cyber Grave:

Internet itself is also being a source to provide ways of these crimes. Many computer experts find their ways to break securities of certain websites through online tutorial and webpages itself. One just need to types certain cyber crime terms like “hacking” on the google search and result will give you a lot of examples of videos and webpages which will show you step by step process of how easy to break through online securities or access personal accounts of other people on websites

Trump First Press Conference:


Talk About US Cyber Security As everyone was waiting for the Donald trump first press conference, held recently on January 11,2017. It was a surprise for everyone when he talked about the cyber security and hacking of US election. Trump accepts that US elections were hacked by the Russia and he will provide a detailed report on it within 90 days. He farther said that this report will not only reveal the truth behind the election hacking but it will be a report on hacking defence of US. Trump claims that US cyber security is very poor and is not only attacked by Russia but also by many other countries and he promised that he will come up with a solution of defencing these attacks within 90 days. He affirmed that now US will not hacked by any

Sneak Peak of Latest Cyber Crime Cases:


Canadian College school network hacking: Recently a student of University of Alberta is arrested for hacking 304 computers of University. Student is currently facing with numerous charges of cybercrime and hacking more than 3000 accounts of faculty and students.

Central Bank of Russia Hack story:


In December 2016, Central bank of Russia reports that hackers stole 2 million rubles from the bank. Authorities claim that hacker tried to steal 5 million rubles but bank could recover 3 million back. It is believed that this cyber crime is committed by a hacker group know as “Lazarus”. This group has already robbed four banks internationally, including “Central bank of Philippines”.

Brother sister team arrested for email hacking:


Two Italian brothers and sisters have been arrested in charge of allegedly performing Cyber-espionage operation which results in compromising the email accounts of Two former prime ministers, Vatican cardinals and the president of European Central Bank.

Top Cyber Attacks Any Business Need to Avoid:

Regardless of how tough security measures are against cyber attacks one still have chances of getting infected by cyber attacks. Every anti virus and firewall have special ability and can block some certain types of attacks, not all the antiviruses are meant to defend all kind of threats. It is very important to have knowledge of different types of cyber threats so one can take safety precaution accordingly. Let’s have a look on most common types of cyber attacks.

1. Malwares: Malware is a general term used for different types of threats to the computer system such as worms, viruses, Trojan and rootkit etc. Malware enters a system most often through email, software downloads or operating system susceptibilities.

2. Cross Site Scripting: Cross site scripting is a type of web attacks. In these attacks hacker enters inside the code of websites due to vulnerability of web security and add scripts and other information on victim’s website.

3. Phishing: Phishing is a most common form of security threat now a day. The purpose of this virus is to get some confidential or personal information of the user. It is referred as scam mails also and mostly get into system through mails. In most of cases its mail come through a trusted website and all a user need to do is just to click on a link which leads to an insecure web page to get personal information of user.

4. DOS Attacks: Daniel of service attacks are the network attacks. In such kind of attacks hacker creates a fake traffic on a particular network which results in shut down of network and make it unavailable. Common types of such attacks are “ping of death” and “teardrop”.

5. MITM Attacks: Hackers do Man in the Middle(MITM) attack using a technique called ARP spoofing. Through this technique hacker gets a position in the middle of communication between two parties over the internet and reside there to get confidential information sent over the network by those parties.

6. RECONNNAISSANCE Attacks: In such kind of attacks hacker gets into the system and remain there to find the vulnerable port in the system. Hackers use software like port scanning to find the weak port in the system. Once they find it they attack the system.

7. Ransomware: In this kind of attack hacker get into user system and block the access of user to the system and its data and demand ransom to release the system.

Recover from A Cyber Attack: BACKUPS (No antivirus) will guarantee 100% security against the cyber attacks. But companies can grantee their recoveries by backing up their information and updating these backups regularly.

Companies must ensure that backups are stored offsite so they can be protected from being infected by virus.

A reliable backup solution like iperius backup ensure differents types of destinations (even offsite) for example Tape Backup or Cloud Backup. Iperius Backup ensures fast recovery of the system.

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Internet Crime Stories Will Make You Care about your data
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