The latest versions of Iperius have introduced several important features and many improvements on existing processes.

Version 4.9.3 was released on 7th June 2017.

Here are some of the new features from the latest versions:


  • Back up other Hyper-V hosts on the network: now from a single Iperius installation you can connect to other Hyper-V servers on the network and back up virtual machines without any limit!
  • Back up on Google Cloud Storage
  • Improved backup performance on Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.
  • New ultra-fast, parallel mode for copying files across local disks, the Internet and NAS devices
  • You can now choose a specific day of the week to do a full backup
  • Backup and Restore Exchange Server, export and import single mailboxes to/from filesPST
  • Translation into Traditional Chinese
  • Translation into Japanese
  • Backing Up Hyper-V: now it is possible to exclude specific disks from your backup
  • Backing Up Hyper-V: now in picture mode, it is possible to automatically terminate application logs
  • Automatically restore Hyper-V virtual machines, even on a different server
  • Support for paths longer than 255 characters in FTP download

(Italian, French, German, Spanish)

Iperius 4.9.3 – June 2017
Iperius L.T.

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