Iperius Backup 8

Iperius Backup 8  is updated, introducing significant improvements in the protection of  Microsoft 36 5  and  Hyper-V clusters. This version adapts to current IT infrastructure needs, offering reliable and versatile backup solutions for two of the most relevant components in the corporate IT landscape.


Unlimited Teams Backup with Iperius 8: Complete Protection for Microsoft 365

One of the most significant additions in Iperius Backup 8 is the ability to back up and restore Microsoft  Teams, thus complementing the already complete coverage of Microsoft 365. With a single perpetual license, users can now protect an unlimited number of Microsoft accounts 365, including  OneDriveExchangeSharePoint, and, new to this release, Teams chats, their attachments, and users. This functionality ensures that all critical communications and documents held in Teams are safeguarded and easily retrievable, representing great added value for organizations that rely on Teams for day-to-day collaboration.

Hyper-V cluster backup for maximum resiliency

Iperius Backup 8 marks an important advancement in support for Hyper-V clusters, essential for companies aiming for high availability and resilience of virtualized systems. By implementing incremental and differential backups with  Resilient Change Tracking  (RCT) technology, the new version significantly improves the efficiency of backup processes, reducing the impact on performance and ensuring more robust and reliable data protection. This makes Iperius Backup 8 an indispensable tool for operational continuity in critical environments, consolidating its position as a leading solution in data security and backup.

Advanced Efficiency on Cloud and FTP

Iperius Backup 8 brings significant innovations to the panorama of backup solutions, improving the efficiency and reliability of backup both in cloud environments and in FTP contexts. 

With a particular focus on optimized management of temporary files, the software elevates backup quality to Cloud S3, FTP, and Microsoft 365 platforms such as SharePoint and OneDrive. 

For OneDrive, in particular, an advanced authentication procedure is introduced with support for the Edge Chromium browser, together with an optimization in the management of throttling, which effectively prevents errors related to the request limitations imposed by Microsoft. These improvements make Iperius Backup 8 an even more powerful and versatile tool, ensuring a fluid and uninterrupted backup experience, suited to the needs of modern IT infrastructures.

Complete Solutions and Flexible Licensing for Every Backup Need

Iperius Backup is known for its wide range of features and licensing options, designed to adapt to different user needs. Among these, the following stand out:

  • Perpetual License: A cost-effective solution that allows users to purchase software with a one-time payment, providing long-term access to backup features without recurring subscriptions.
  • Unlimited Microsoft 365 Backups: Allows you to perform unlimited backups of Microsoft 365 accounts, including emails, contacts, and documents, ensuring data security in the cloud.
  • Unlimited and incremental backups of VMware and Hyper-V VMs: Offers comprehensive protection for virtualized environments, enabling incremental backups to reduce storage space and the time required for backup operations.
  • ESXi Free Backup and Replication: A distinctive feature that allows you to perform backup and replication even for the free versions of VMware ESXi, a rarity in the backup software landscape.
  • Backup to all Clouds: Supports a wide range of cloud services, including S3, Google Drive, and many others, offering flexibility in backup storage options.
  • Drive Image and Disaster Recovery: Provides tools for creating complete disk images and recovering from critical events, ensuring business continuity.
  • Unlimited Backups of SQL Server Databases: Guarantees unlimited backups for SQL Server databases, protecting one of companies’ most precious assets: their data.


Iperius Backup 8  represents a significant step forward in the protection and management of backups for Microsoft 365 and Hyper-V, effectively responding to the needs of modern IT infrastructures. With the introduction of unlimited Teams backup, enhanced support for  Hyper-V clusters, and improved efficiency in cloud and FTP backup, this release is positioned as a leading solution for enterprise data security. With a wide range of features, flexible licensing, and support for a variety of environments and platforms, Iperius Backup 8 offers organizations the peace of mind of knowing that their critical data is completely and reliably protected.

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Iperius Backup 8 : Evolution in Backup for Microsoft 365 and Hyper-V
Iperius Backup Team

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PLEASE NOTE: if you need technical support or have any sales or technical question, don't use comments. Instead open a TICKET here: https://www.iperiusbackup.com/contact.aspx