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Iperius is a very flexible backup software, that also allows to backup WordPress websites and MySQL databases. With a very simple configuration it can download entire websites and export any MySQL database.

This feature is available in the Advanced Database edition. The website is downloaded in incremental mode (only new or changed files are downloaded and updated in the local backup) to get the maximum performance. Moreover, Iperius can also compress the downloaded website, creating a zip file that can be automatically copied to any destination.

In order to see how to back up a website, read this simple tutorial:
Backup an entire website with Iperius FTP Download

MySQL database backup is very easy to configure. You simply need to specify the database server address and login data, then select the database to be backed up and a destination folder where to download the exported file. You can keep mulitple copies of the database backup (even compressed), and transferring them in many destinations, such as  NAS devices or other computers in the network. The only prerequisite needed is that ISP allows you to connect to the database server from a remote location.

In order to see how to back up a MySQL database, read the following tutorial:
How To Backup MySQL databases with Iperius

After the database and website files are backed up locally, Iperius can transfer them automatically on all destinations allowed. For example, you can compress the website and the MySQL database in a zip file, encrypt it, and send it to a cloud destination such as Amazon S3, Google Drive or Dropbox. Iperius is undoubtedly the most complete software for WordPress backup on Dropbox or Amazon S3, in a completely automated way.

Wordpress is probably the most important open source portal to create CMS and websites in general. It’s a widely used platform, in most cases together with MySQL. It’s enormous popularity makes the security one of  its most important problems. If you don’t make constant updates and you don’t adopt all the minimal security measures, your website can be hacked and its data compromised.

For the above reasons, a periodic backup of the website and its database is highly recommended, and the best solution to do that is to rely on professional and highly reliable software , such as Iperius. If you need more information about the best strategies to protect your websites or to configure Iperius, contact us.



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How to backup WordPress (website and database) with Iperius
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    Am currently using Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin wordpress and is more easy, safe, reliable and convenient to use all along without any difficulties and it is the best plugin ever that one could use. I will therefore recommend each and everyone to make use of Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin wordpress.

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