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Remote access and support are essential tools for providing assistance to your customer base and ensuring company business continuity. If you are looking for a robust and convenient solution to meet this need, try Iperius Remote

Here is an overview of the key features that make Iperius Remote the preferred choice for modern IT companies that want to guarantee a high-level, fast service at a fair price. 



Unlimited Access to Devices

Iperius Remote does not bind the use of its license to the device on which it is installed, therefore unlimited access is guaranteed and from any location.

This functionality offers maximum flexibility in configuring the commercial offer, essential for an IT company that grows with its customer base and requires non-binding and/or oppressive commercial policies. 

Competitive prices: starting from just €8 per month

Among the strong points of Iperius Remote is the highly competitive price. With plans starting from just €8 per month, it is an accessible and ideal solution for any size of the company, but in particular for SMEs that want to guarantee a high level of service without having to face excessive spending. 

Extended Support to Mobile Devices: Android and iOS

Iperius Remote goes beyond traditional computers by offering remote support for mobile devices, including Android and iOS. Its bidirectional capability allows you not only to remotely connect to phones and tablets but also to manage Windows or MAC desktops directly from your mobile device. This functionality ensures complete and versatile control, making IT support fast and efficient in all circumstances.

Remote Control Android-PC

End-to-End Encryption for Maximum Security

Security is a top priority in any remote access solution. Iperius Remote ensures the protection of data and communications thanks to end-to-end encryption. Companies can thus have peace of mind that their information is protected from unauthorized access.

Integration with Iperius Console RMM for Simplified Management

Iperius Remote integrates perfectly with Iperius Console RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management), offering give IT administrators a unified platform to monitor and manage all aspects of remote access. This integration significantly simplifies IT management processes.

Complete Rebranding for Corporate Customization

Iperius Remote allows companies to completely customize the interface and features based on their specific needs. This comprehensive rebranding feature helps businesses maintain a consistent and professional image in all their interactions.

The Impact of Remote Access Software on Company Performance

The efficiency of remote access plays a crucial role in the overall performance of the company. Iperius Remote, with its advanced features, significantly contributes to optimizing this performance in several ways:

Increased Productivity

Iperius Remote allows for more efficient management of resources and operations, leading to a significant increase in productivity. By allowing employees to access company systems and data remotely, tasks can be carried out without delay (at maximum loading speed), thus maximizing work time and reducing downtime.

Operational Flexibility

With support for mobile devices and integration between Iperius Remote and Iperius Console RMM, Iperius Remote offers unprecedented operational mobility. This adaptability allows companies to quickly react to market changes and customer needs, improving their ability to operate in dynamic environments.

Enhanced Security

Iperius Remote’s end-to-end encryption ensures that all communications and data remain secure, even during remote access. This strengthened security protects companies from data breaches and strengthens the trust of customers and business partners.

Image Consistent with your company brand

Thanks to the complete rebranding functionality of Iperius Remote, companies can maintain a consistent and professional presentation. This strengthens the company’s image and ensures that all customer interactions reflect quality standards and corporate identity.


Iperius Remote is more than a remote access tool; it is a comprehensive solution that improves company performance at different levels. By adopting Iperius Remote, companies can expect greater productivity, increased security and optimized operational flexibility, while strengthening their brand. To learn more and discover how Iperius Remote can transform your remote IT management, visit our website.



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Iperius Remote: Essential Features for Remote Access in Today’s Companies
Iperius Backup Team

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