Docker Containers: a new way to deploy applications

Containers are a new way to deploy applications, that make more closer IT Pros and Developers for all companies where DevOps concept is present. What is a Container? Container is a sandbox where it’s possible to run services and processes in a protected environment. Each Container runs in a Container Host, which can be a Windows […]

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Magento 2 – how to add products in Magento using REST API and C #

This article shows the complete, technical and functional way to import Categories, Attributes and Products lists in Magento 2 CE ecommerce, using REST API interface and C# .NET code. At bottom you will find some Magento Backup and Recovery tips. You will find how-to step-by-step guide with examples codes to:  Upload The Categories;  Upload The Product Custom […]

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VMware vCenter Converter – Convert physical machines to virtual machines

VMware vCenter Converter VMware, a leader in the development of software for creating and managing virtual machines, provides free tools that are very useful to help the users to manage virtual machines in their work environment. One of these is precisely VMware vCenter Converter, a free software mainly useful for converting physical machines into virtual […]

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Blockchain and backup data authentication

The Blockchain technology is considered without a shadow of doubt, one of the most powerful technological innovations of recent years. Tim O’Reilly counts this technology among those that he defines ‘That happens gradually, then suddenly’. They slowly, but inexorably, insinuate into our digital life until exploding in an unexpected way and without chance to escape, […]

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Whatsapp Business: what it is and how it works.

  What “Whatsapp” is and how this useful messaging application works is known to all smartphone users. We probably ignore useful information that will help us to understand the motivation behind the choice of “Whatsapp inc.” to enter into the “Business” market. But let’s take a step back. In the last decade, with the advent […]

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WSUS: How to keep computers updated

Keeping clients and servers updated is one of the basic rules of Information Technology. There are many ways to update computers, depends by the dimension of your company. At the end of all, there are three possibilities: Managed with default Windows Update Managed with WSUS Managed with SCCM The last one is used by medium-large […]

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PowerShell Direct: a new way to manage your Hyper-V VMs

With the arrival of Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a new cool feature, very interesting for anyone who want to do remote tasks with virtual machines. PowerShell Direct allows IT admins to run PowerShell sessions inside a virtual machine from Hyper-V in a direct mode, without networking or similar. This means you […]

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Active Directory: building and best practice

Active Directory is the main core of IT infrastructure of each single company in the world and the first layer to build security, compliance, automation about users and computers. To create the right infrastructure is not necessary to be a wizard but it’s important to know some little tricks to avoid issues about configuration and security. […]

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Windows Server 2019 General Availability

Windows Server 2019 is now available for purchase, by all companies. After 3 years of work, the Redmond team has released an operating system that winks at the world on-premises as well as the cloud. Windows Server is not only powering the Intelligent Edge where you have a great Software-Defined Datacenter platform running Hyper-V or Storage […]

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