In our connected world, where data is the new oil, Microsoft 365 backup becomes crucial to the survival and business continuity of companies. This is even more true if we consider the alarming increase in the Ransomware phenomenonwhich grew by 93% a year; last year, with an average of 26,000 attacks per dayIperius Backup therefore presents itself as a saving solution, offering complete and effective protection for your Microsoft 365 data. The Backup tool includes OneDrive, Exchange as well as SharePoint.


New: SharePoint Backup

The addition of SharePoint to the backup range offered by Iperius marks an important step, guaranteeing companies a more complete solution to protect their data. This functionality strengthens Iperius Backup’s ability to respond to the complex needs of modern professional environments.

Advanced Backup and Restore Features of Microsoft 365

Iperius Backup offers a complete solution for Microsoft 365 backup and recovery, combining security, efficiency, and convenience:

  • Full backup of Microsoft Office 365: Includes full protection of OneDrive, Exchange, and SharePoint.
    • OneDrive: Full support for incremental backup, providing significant storage space savings.
    • SharePoint: Possibility of backing up SharePoint sites, ensuring the protection of company collaborative data.
    • Exchange: Real-time backup of mailboxes. Compatible with different versions for effective backup.
  • Granular recovery: Allows specific recovery of individual mailboxes.
  • Various storage options: Support NAS, LTO tape, FTP, and Cloud for greater flexibility.
  • Export mailboxes to PST files: Facilitates recovery with Outlook compatibility.
  • Image backup with log truncation: Ensures the consistency and integrity of the saved data.

Perpetual License and Unlimited Microsoft 365 Backup

With Iperius Backup, you benefit from perpetual licenses and unlimited backup of accounts and mailboxes mail. This approach offers companies financial and operational flexibility, without compromising quality or safety.


Opting for Iperius Backup for Microsoft 365 backup represents much more than a simple precautionary measure. It’s a proactive step to ensure your business’s resilience and effectiveness in today’s digital landscape. 

With Iperius Backup, you will benefit from a reliable and complete solution, essential for safely navigating the data universe. Take control of your Microsoft 365 data backup now and discover how Iperius Backup can transform your data security management.

Get ready for an exciting new feature: Team Backup is coming soon, further expanding our offering to provide even more comprehensive coverage of your corporate data.

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Iperius Backup Microsoft 365: Security for the Digital Future of Businesses
Iperius Backup Team

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