Do you know that due to your ineffective and less optimized IT platform you stand the chance of losing all your customers in no time?

A research conducted by UK internet compendium reveals that a whopping 38 percent of UK online shoppers instantly abandon apps/online platforms that take more than 10 seconds to load.

In this jet age, where everyone wants to get more things done in less time, customers and online patrons are becoming more impatient, which is the reason why IT resellers need to optimize their Virtual machines to provide better results.


Virtualization is a continuous growing concept in IT, which serves diverse benefits to IT Vendors/resellers. It helps in the higher utilization of expensive hardware, improved security, ease of administration, enriched data integrity and many more.

However, customers in this new era thirst for IT systems that can be scaled and adapted instantly. They expect IT resellers or solution providers to have the same qualities and to be capable of providing them with a good resource to run their business in the cloud.

Meanwhile, many IT resellers and third-party vendors lack effective security channels thereby posing security threats to their patrons. Aside from this fact, research also shows that slow loading speed cost online retailers an estimated loss of 1.73bn euros each year!

In addition, as data breaches amongst third-party vendors and IT resellers have grown to maximum, many affected tech bodies and companies are looking out to doing business with only reliable IT resellers or solution providers who provide dynamic and scalable solutions – threat free, vastly monitored and properly managed.

Below, therefore, are ways IT resellers can optimize their Virtual machines to provide a standard software or hardware solution for their customers.

  1. Set hardware periodic update:

One of the best ways to optimize the quality of an existing virtual machine is to consider upgrading current hardware periodically.

While many IT retailers routinely upgrade and update software, they often fail to consider the importance of upgrading and updating the hardware as well. The firmware and the BIOS are essential features of your virtual hardware, and using the latest hardware for your virtual machines has optimum optimization capabilities. If you can successfully monitor these two areas and maintain quarterly patch cycles for hardware, then you won’t have to worry about security breaches.

Other effective ways to consider when upgrading the hard drive is to switch over to a solid-state drive SSD. This is a perfect way of not only increasing storage capability but also improving the speed and efficiency of the VM.

  1. Apply unwavering motion network

When configuring virtual machines for IT resellers, it is important to pay close attention to network setup.

One common terminal mistake most IT resellers make during configuration of their virtual machine is the creation of a separate private network for moving workload between hosts.

When many virtual machines share the same concrete network interface controller, the rate of transmission will decrease. Hence, if a certain virtual machine has to send or receive large quantity of data, then the virtualization station can distribute a specific network interface controller to be used by virtual machines only. This is often referred to as a dedicated network.

Also, the private network should have gigabyte or multi-gigabit capacity to create a network between the virtual host system, which provides a fast and secure layer for workload and the storage motion.

  1. Use a dependable virtual machine programme

For IT resellers to optimize the use of their virtual machines, it is important to use a reputable virtual machine programme. Meanwhile, there are tons of virtual machine options such as VMware, Qemu, KVM, Xen and Virtual Box amongst others. Meanwhile, each virtual option has their own considerations.

It is preferable for resellers to use a solution like VMware option, aside from the fact that VMware is the world’s largest supplier of virtualization software platforms and tools. It is still widely accepted and used across many industries.

Furthermore, VMware, compared to any other virtual solutions, is the conception of host profiles, which helps administrators to setup host systems with greater efficiency and consistency. Using a host profile, an administrator can set up a new host in seconds with all necessary VLAN and storage configurations without going a long way.

  1. Suspend instead of shutting down

Restarting your virtual machines every moment compared to just resuming from where you stopped, is efficiency and time-consuming.

When you’re through with virtual activities, you can just suspend put the VM in a sleep mode, instead of shutting down and starting every time. When you want to resume, all you just have to do is double-click and the guest operating system will resume where you left off instead of starting from the beginning.

This process is similar to hibernate or suspend feature instead of shutting down your computer. Your virtual machines program saves the content of your virtual machine’s memory to a file on your hard drive and instantly loads the file to the front page the next time you start the virtual machine.

  1. Separate service levels

Separate your virtual machines service levels into development, test, and production. Resellers should separate the various service levels logically and physically to ensure that each environment remains isolated from the other.

Development system and test system can pose a negative impact on the production system. Little wonder why some IT-oriented resellers would go to the extreme of separating every aspect of their virtual environment; Enclosures, Storage and Network.

However, this process is actually done to increase efficiency, decrease unexpected downtime and result to faster VM response.

  1. Host licensing

It is important for IT resellers to know that host licensing will not boost performance, but obtaining licenses from your vendors unlock features that are not available in free versions. For instance, upgrading from free VMware to paid vSphere solution unlocks several features that significantly expand host and virtual machine capabilities. Which enable IT reseller to deliver a more secure and efficient IT solution to their patrons.

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