Altaro VM Backup, now known as VM Backup, is an agile and cost-effective backup and replication solution designed to be easy to implement and feature-rich. Includes ransomware protection, through the use of immutable cloud storage, which ensures that data cannot be deleted, modified or deleted by anyone for a certain duration. It offers centralized control with a feature set that includes augmented inline deduplication, WAN-optimized replication, continuous data protection, and support for multiple cloud storage options​ .

In this article we will compare some of the most important aspects of Iperius Backup , compared with those of Altaro VM Backup. Iperius can be the ideal solution for many scenarios, above all for its versatility, ease of use, very low costs and extremely simple licensing.

Hornetsecurity acquired Altaro on January 12, 2021. Hornetsecurity is a Germany-based cloud security specialist operating in more than 30 countries. The acquisition of Altaro was seen as a strategic step to enhance the offering of security and compliance services for cloud technologies. The combination of Altaro’s products and Hornetsecurity has been described as a powerful synergy, with Altaro’s CEO expressing his full commitment to the combined entity. Future intentions include expanding the company’s current international locations to deliver new products and solutions to partners even faster.

Altaro VM Backup is a high performance backup and replication solution. This software offers a number of powerful features, including:

  1. Ransomware protection through the use of immutable cloud storage.
  2. Efficient backup configuration.
  3. Complete control of backups.
  4. Compatibility with a variety of operating systems and virtualization platforms, including Azure Stack HCI, Windows Server 2008 R2 up to 2022, Microsoft Hyper-V Server (Core), VMware vCenter 5.5 up to 8.0, VMware vSphere 5.5 up to 8.0, and VMware ESXi 5.5 up to 8.0 (free ESXi is not supported).

Comparing Iperius Backup and Altaro VM Backup, both offer a set of powerful features for virtual machine backup and replication. Here’s a quick comparison of the two solutions:

  1. Incremental Backup : Both software offer incremental backup, which reduces the time required for subsequent backups.
  2. File-level restore : Both software offer the ability to restore individual files from a backup, without having to restore the entire virtual machine.
  3. Compatibility : Both software are compatible with a wide range of operating systems and virtualization platforms.
  4. Backup Destinations : Both software can back up to a variety of destinations, including NAS, cloud, FTP, and others.
  5. License : Iperius offers a perpetual license with free support and updates, while Altaro offers a choice of paying per host or per VM.
  6. Ransomware Protection : Altaro offers ransomware protection through the use of immutable cloud storage, a feature that is not specifically mentioned for Iperius. However Iperius allows you to check the status of the files before running the backup, to identify a possible ransomware infection and avoid accidental compromise of the backups.
  7. Support : Both software offer support


A quick cost comparison:


Altaro/Hornet Security:




(the cost of Iperius is always for unlimited hosts and unlimited virtual machines, within the same network)



Let’s see below some essential aspects regarding the characteristics of Iperius Backup in the backup and replication of virtual machines:

Backup and Replication Software for VMware vSphere and ESXi Free

There are many software solutions for backup and replication of VMware ESXi virtual machines, but few can boast the completeness and versatility of Iperius Backup. This tool combines excellent light weight and very low resource consumption, making it an ideal choice for your backup needs.

Iperius Backup stands out for its simple installation of a few MB, and for its negligible consumption of resources in terms of memory and CPU. This software can backup and replicate virtual machines on unlimited hosts , with full support for vSphere, ESXi Free, vCenter and ESXi Cluster.

One of the most appreciated features of Iperius is the simplicity of its license, which offers high-level functionality at an unmatched price. With a single installation of Iperius Backup, it is possible to back up and replicate an unlimited number of ESXi or vCenter hosts, without any limitation in terms of number of VMs , servers or hardware features.

The features of Iperius Backup include the incremental backup of the space used on the disk ( thin provisioning ) and the incremental replication , also for ESXi Free . It also offers the ability to back up to unlimited destinations including other ESXi hosts or datastores, NAS, FTPS, SFTP, Cloud, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure Storage, Dropbox, OneDrive, Backblaze, Wasabi, Aruba Cloud and any S3 compatible storage .

In summary, Iperius Backup is the ideal solution for ESXi backup and replication thanks to its light installation, its low cost and the absence of limitations on the number of servers or virtual machines. Thanks to its ease of use and high performance, Iperius is the perfect tool to protect or replicate VMware ESXi virtual machines.

Backup Software for Hyper-V Virtual Machines

Iperius Backup is a light, powerful and flexible backup tool for Hyper-V. This software is capable of backing up Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines to multiple destinations such as LTO Tape, NAS, Cloud or FTP, with no limitations on the number of virtual machines or data size.

The main features of Iperius Backup for Hyper-V backup include:

  1. Automatic backup and restore of Hyper-V in block-level RCT (incremental and differential) mode.
  2. Automatic recovery even from the network and on different hosts.
  3. Competitive price on the market, perpetual license, free support and updates.
  4. File-level recovery ( recovery of individual files ).
  5. Extremely light and stable software.
  6. Standard Microsoft formats , to always have recoverable backups.
  7. Simple to set up and schedule for automatic backups.
  8. Compatible with all versions of Hyper-V.
  9. Incremental backup of Hyper-V via block level image.
  10. Individual backup of virtual machine files.
  11. Excluding specific disks or virtual machines.
  12. One license for unlimited virtual machines . Connect to unlimited Hyper-V servers from a single installation, without the need for any agents .
  13. Numerous destinations, including LTO Tape, NAS, FTP, CLOUD.
  14. Complete utility with numerous other functions, including backup and replication of VMware ESXi and ESXi Free virtual machines.

In conclusion, Iperius Backup is an ideal solution for backing up Hyper-V virtual machines thanks to its lightness, its competitive cost and the lack of limitations on the number of servers or virtual machines. Thanks to its ease of use and high performance, Iperius is the perfect tool for backing up Hyper-V virtual machines.

We can summarize all the advantages of Iperius Backup in a few lines which are absolutely distinctive compared to other competitors: a very simple licensing system, which has no limitations. The licenses are perpetual and allow you to protect an unlimited number of hosts and virtual machines (reachable within your network). Simplicity of configuration and solidity. Finally, the support for ESXi Free (vSphere Free Hypervisor) and the large number of features included.


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