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The Economic Impact of Cybercrime

As we enter 2024, we face a reality where the cost of cybercrime is projected to reach $9.5 trillion per year. This translates to $793 billion per month, $182.5 billion per week, $26 billion per day, $1 billion per hour, $18 million per minute, and $302,000 per second. This data from Cybersecurity Ventures shows the enormous economic impact of cyber attacks and raises a fundamental question: How much could cybercrime cost your organization?

Ransomware: A Constantly Evolving Threat

Ransomware represents one of the most serious cyber threats of 2024, with projected costs to victims of approximately 265 billion dollars annually by 2031. This increase is estimated at 30% year-over-year growth. High-impact attacks like those suffered by MGM ResortsCaesar’s EntertainmentMOVEitRoyal Mail Capita, and the City of Dallas demonstrate the destructive power and reach of ransomware. These attacks cause not only extensive financial damage but also significant disruptions to business operations and public services, as their success highlights the need for companies to adopt advanced security measures.

SMEs: Easy Targets and Devastating Consequences

More than half of cyber attacks affect small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), with 60% of these closing within six months after an attack. Considering that SMEs represent a significant part of the global economy, their vulnerability to cyber attacks can have devastating consequences on the economy and employment. These companies must adopt effective backup solutions to protect their data and ensure business continuity.

Iperius Backup: A Complete Solution for Corporate Security

Iperius Backup emerges as a cutting-edge solution for data security, offering a complete range of features to combat increasing cyber threats:

  • Perpetual License: Guaranteeing access and continuous updates of the software.
  • Unlimited Microsoft 365 Backup: Protect OneDrive, Exchange and SharePoint.
  • Advanced Solutions for VMware and Hyper-V VMs: Maximum security for virtualized environments.
  • ESXi Free Backup and Replication: Distinctive features in the backup landscape.
  • Backup su Cloud, S3 e FTP: Supporto a servizi come Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Storage.
  • Drive Image and Disaster Recovery: Complete and reliable system protection.
  • Backup Potenti per Database SQL Server: Coprendo SQL Server, Oracle, e PostgreSQL.
  • AES 256-bit Secure Data Encryption: Ensures maximum security of saved data.
  • Iperius Storage: Storage space for Cloud Backup, fully integrated into Iperius Backup, further strengthening protection against cyber attacks.

These features make Iperius Backup an essential ally for operational continuity and security of company data.


Starting 2024 with the right precautions and backup solutions like Iperius Backup is essential to guarantee data security and business resilience in an increasingly connected and at-risk world.

Find out how Iperius Backup can protect your company from cyber-attacks. Visit our website for more information and to discover our full range of data backup and security solutions.


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The Rising Threat of Cybercrime and the Importance of Backup in 2024
Iperius Backup Team

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