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We are approaching the Christmas holidays and we are launching our exclusive Christmas offer with a 20% discount on Iperius Remote, what better time to dispel the most common myths about remote desktops? Indeed, this holiday season, which will be full of remote connections, offers us the ideal opportunity to show how Iperius Remote challenges these misconceptions, offering a secure and cutting-edge remote access solution.


Myth 1: Remote Desktop Software is Slow

There is a common perception that remote desktop software can be slow to work, especially when transferring files or sharing your screen, or when your home connection is not super performingIperius Remote debunks this myth not only thanks to the peer-to-peer connection and the H264 encoding, which guarantees smooth video transmission up to 60 FPS but also with its innovative Fast File Transfer. This system allows quick transfers through copy-paste and drag-and-drop making the experience similar to physically working in front of your computer.

Myth 2: Remote Desktop Software Is Insecure

It is often thought that remote desktop software is not secure and can carry fraudulent access, compromising data protection. Iperius Remote contradicts this myth with an advanced end-to-end encryption system, guaranteeing the highest level of security possible. Iperius Remote complies with the regulations of HIPAA and GDPR and uses the most advanced protocols and encryption systems, such as TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3, DTLS-SRTP (UDP), HTTPS, and WSS (Secure Web Socket), ensuring complete protection of communications and file transfers.

Myth 3: Remote Desktop Software is only for businesses

There is a widespread idea that the software of remote control is only suitable for corporate use and is not suitable for private individuals. Iperius Remote proves the opposite, being ideal for both personal and business use, with features such as unattended remote access and support for mobile devices and free version for private use

Myth 4: Remote Desktop Software is Expensive

There is a common myth that remote desktop software is overly expensive. Iperius Remote dispels this belief by offering an accessible and convenient solution, with a cost of only €8 per month, and allowing unlimited access to an unlimited number of devices and users. In comparison, Iperius Remote is 14 times less expensive than TeamViewer and 10 times less than AnyDesk, while maintaining the same quality and effectiveness in remote control software. This accessibility makes it an ideal choice for both small businesses and individual users looking for a reliable and cost-effective remote access solution.

Myth 5: Remote Desktop Software is Limited to Controlling Computers Only

There is a common misconception that remote desktop software is only useful for managing desktop computers. Iperius Remote challenges this idea, offering free applications available both on Google Play and on the AppStore, allowing effective and versatile remote control of iOS and Android devices. This contrasts with solutions like Teamviewer, where remote control apps can incur additional costs.  The free Iperius Remote app extends the software’s usefulness beyond traditional desktop limits, making it an essential tool for state-of-the-art IT management.


Ideal to overcome these misconceptions, Iperius Remote not only overcomes common myths about remote desktops but also offers unlimited access to remote devices at an affordable price, starting at your €8 per month. Iperius Remote proves to be a reliable, secure, and versatile solution, perfect for remote access and support. 

Take advantage of our special Christmas offer now: an exclusive 20% discount on Iperius Remote. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the technological magic of Iperius Remote, just as Christmas myths bring joy and surprise.


Take advantage now: https://www.iperiusremote.com/iperius-remote-control-software-shop.aspx

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Debunking Remote Desktop Myths with Iperius: Security and Speed on Offer!
Iperius Backup Team

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PLEASE NOTE: if you need technical support or have any sales or technical question, don't use comments. Instead open a TICKET here: https://www.iperiusbackup.com/contact.aspx