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2024 marks a turning point in the work-from-home landscape. This rapidly growing trend is supported by technological advancements and changes in company policies. In this context,  tools like  Iperius Remote play a fundamental role.


The Remote Work Landscape

Working from home, in 2024, is a consolidated reality.  Compared to 2019, working from home has become 5 times more common. Companies, especially fast-growing ones, are adopting flexible work models – both hybrid and fully remote – to attract and retain top talent.

Workers’ Preferences

Workers prefer working from home for its many benefits.  63% of employees are willing to reduce their salary to have the option of working from home, thanks to the clear benefits in terms of work-life balance, reduced commuting stress, and increased productivity.

Advantages for Companies

Companies that invest in working flexibility achieve notable results. According to a study by Scoop, the companies that adapted saw their turnover grow by 21% between 2020 and 2022, compared to 5% of those with in-person work.  Flexibility results in greater satisfaction and loyalty for both customers and employees, as well as driving innovation and improved financial performance.

Iperius Remote and Working from Home

Technology is essential to the success of remote work. Tools such as  SlackMicrosoft Teams, and  Zoom, together with  Iperius Remote, have become indispensable for effective communication and efficient collaboration,  supporting increased productivity Iperius Remote establishes itself as an indispensable tool, thanks to its key features that make it a powerful ally for companies and remote workers:

  • Unlimited Access: Iperius Remote offers unlimited access to remote devices, allowing the user to easily connect to any device, at any time.
  • Competitive Cost: With a  starting price of just €8 per month, Iperius Remote is positioned as an accessible solution for all company sizes.
  • Maximum Security: Security is an absolute priority for Iperius Remote. The software guarantees a high level of protection through end-to-end encryption  (HIPAA-compliant / GDPR-compliant) and two-factor authentication  (2FA), thus ensuring the security of data and connections.
  • Business Rebranding: The software offers the opportunity for complete rebranding, allowing businesses to customize the interface to their specific needs.
  • Mobile Device Support: The application also provides remote access and support for mobile devices, including  Android and iPhone, extending its usefulness beyond the traditional desktop environment.
  • Advanced Features: Iperius Remote includes a wide range of other important features such as copy-paste between devices,  ultra-fast file transfer, session recording,  management of unlimited users, connection statistics,  multi-screen support, and an MSI package for a simplified installation.

The Future of Working from Home

Although remote work numbers have stabilized, some companies are attempting a return to the office in 2024. However, this decision could prove counterproductive, as many employees would not want to give up the flexibility of working from home. Therefore, it is expected that in 2025 and 2026, these companies will have to adapt,  adopting hybrid and flexible working policies, supported by new technologies.


Remote Work in 2024 represents not only a trend but a transformation of the way of working. Tools like  Iperius Remote are crucial for navigating this new working landscape. Companies that adapt and innovate in this environment have the opportunity to thrive in a rapidly changing, global job market.



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The Evolution of Work from Home in 2024: Challenges, Solutions, and the Role of Iperius Remote
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