Backup Wordpress

How to backup WordPress (website and database) with Iperius

Iperius is a very flexible backup software, that also allows to backup WordPress websites and MySQL databases. With a very simple configuration it can download entire websites and export any MySQL database. This feature is available in the Advanced Database edition. The website is downloaded in incremental mode (only new or changed files are downloaded and […]

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Installation as Windows service: what it is and why it’s important

Iperius Backup can be installed also as a Windows service. This installation type has several advantages and ensures higher security in the backup scheduling. Let’s see first how to install Iperius as a Windows service:    How we can see in the images above, the service installation requires very few steps. The Iperius service will be automatically added to the […]

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How to restore MySQL / MariaDB database

Iperius Backup is an effective and affordable tool to back up and restore MySQL databases. Making it with Iperius is a very simple operation. You simply need a backup file (dump) and an account to connect to the database server where to restore the database. This function can be used in the same way to restore a MariaDB […]

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Run Iperius Backup with command line parameters

Iperius Backup is also a portable software, so it can be used even without installation, simply running the Iperius.exe file. Thanks to its portability, Iperius is a versatile software that can be easily integrated in different environments and with other programs. Despite numerous functions, Iperius is also very light (about 20 MB) and consumes very few system […]

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How to schedule automatic backup with Iperius

Among the various Iperius functions, you’ve detailed scheduling options, that allow to run automatic backups according to specific days and times, and parallel backups. Iperius scheduling is very simple and intuitive. It can be configured for every backup job and, if Iperius is installed as a service, several parallel backups can be scheduled at the same times. […]

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Eject RDX, USB and removable drives with FreeDriveEject

FreeDriveEject is a free, command-line tool that lets you remove and eject removable drives like RDX or USB drives. You can run it from a normal DOS prompt screen or call it from any other application using simple parameters. Example: FreeDriveEject.exe D All you have to do is specify the drive’s letter as a parameter. […]

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Backup of Oracle databases with Iperius Backup

Iperius is a backup software that can protect Oracle databases in a simple and effective way. It supports automatic and hot-backup of any Oracle database, with no service interruption and with the possibility to transfer backups files to FTP/SFTP servers or Cloud storage services. Iperius is compatible with all Oracle editions: 9i, 10g e 11g, 12c, and Express Edition (XE). […]

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Configuring email notifications after backup

This tutorial shows how to configure email notifications settings in Iperius. This function allows to send email notifications after the backup is completed, to one or more recipients and also depending on specific conditions. This feature is very useful for safety and reliability of data protection procedures. Receiving a notification by email after the backup is completed, you will be […]

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