SoftQuit is a simple but highly useful piece of software (using Command Line Interface) that makes it possible to close another application without having to force it to terminate (TaskKill), thereby avoiding errors or possible file or database corruption.

It is really easy to use, and all you need to do is call up the software with a simple text parameter, containing the title of the program window to close, or just part of it. One of the purposes this software can be used for is to close other programs before carrying out a backup, for example.

A typical scenario is closing Outlook or Thunderbird before making a copy of the email files (which would otherwise be blocked with the programs open). Of course, we should remember that the commercial versions of Iperius are able to copy any file, even if open or in use, without interrupting services or closing applications, thanks to its VSS (shadow copy) technology. This method may therefore be useful for working with the free version of Iperius and any in other circumstance where it is necessary to close a program before backing up or completing other operations.

Force closing a program can sometimes generate errors in the program in question, as well as data integrity problems if the programs write to internal databases. Even error messages can also frighten users. By using SoftQuit, you can close any program correctly (including multiple programs if you combine different calls in a .bat file), and therefore carry out backup operations that are then completed without errors.

To download SoftQuit, which is a free utility for closing programs, click on the button below:


Download SoftQuit Free

SoftQuit is free software for Windows developed by Enter Srl ( that can also be used by businesses and is freely distributable. No installation is needed, just the simple  executible file.

To close a program with SoftQuit, such as Outlook, simply call it with this command line:

SoftQuit.exe “outlook”

or, for Thunderbird:

SoftQuit.exe “thunderbird”


Of course, if you use Iperius, you can carry out commands both before and after the backup, and therefore at the end of the backup you can just specify the executible file path for these email programs to be able to reopen them automatically. Simple, transparent and secure.


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Closing a program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) before backing up with SoftQuit
Iperius Team

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PLEASE NOTE: if you need technical support or have any sales or technical question, don't use comments. Instead open a TICKET here: