Iperius is a backup software that can protect Oracle databases in a simple and effective way. It supports automatic and hot-backup of any Oracle database, with no service interruption and with the possibility to transfer backups files to FTP/SFTP servers or Cloud storage services.

Iperius is compatible with all Oracle editions: 9i, 10g e 11g, 12c, and Express Edition (XE).
With a single license, you can back up unlimited servers and databases, both local or remote.

The only necessary requisite for Iperius to make Oracle backup of online databases (online backup), is that the database is configured in the ARCHIVELOG mode. To back up a server in the newtork (so when the database is not on the same machine where Iperius is installed) the Oracle Client (RMAN) must be installed on the computer where Iperius is running, and the account to be used is “sys”.


Create a new backup job:


Add an Oracle database backup, clicking on the dedicated button:

First you have to create an account to connect to the database. For local databases it’s generally recommended to use the “system” account, while for remote databases the “sys” account should be used. You can immediately test the connection clicking on the dedicated button and specifying the name of the database you want to connect to.

Once you’ve created the account, it will be selectable in the dropdown list in the backup configuration window. Select the account and configure the next options: the automatic backup of all databases (only possible on local servers), the possibility to select a single database (you can also create a different backup item for each database), or to specify individual databases separating them with commas.

The next option allows to choose the backup destination folder. If you’re backing up a remote database and you don’t know an existing path on the remote server, leave the option to use the default folder checked. If the database is on the local server (where Iperius is installed) you can also use special variables to make the folder path dynamic, for example adding the day of the week or of the month.

Below there are some other useful options to optimize the backup: the native compression (the backup files are created on disk already compressed), the backup file verification, and the possibility to give to the backup file a custom and/or dynamic name (using special variables).

Checking the option “Copy backup files in the job destinations”, Iperius will make an additional copy of the backup files to the destinations configured for the backup job (panel “Destinations”). The additional destinations are optional, since you’ve already specified the primary destination folder. However, for a more complete backup strategy, this allows to automatically copy backup files to many other destinations, such as tape drives (LTO, DAT, etc.), cloud storage services like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Storage or Dropbox, FTP/SFTP servers, NAS and RDX devices, external USB drives or other computers in the network.

As shown in the picture above, in the next panels you can add additional destinations (optional), configure scheduling parameters to rur automatic backups and configure email notifications to be always informed about the backup result and possible errors.

In the final panel, give a name to the backup job and save it clicking on “OK”.

Once the new backup job has been created, it is shown in the list and you can immediately run it with a simple mouse click.


Iperius is one of the best software for Oracle backup, since it’s extremely easy to use and includes many powerful features. In addition to the standard RMAN backup, Iperius allows to configure many advanced functions: zip compression, AES encryption, custom names, scheduling, execution of external scripts, email notifications, backup to tape and NAS, online backup via FTP/SFTP and to Cloud spaces such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure Storage.

Iperius has an incomparable flexibility and a great reliability. Compared with common scripts, Iperius immediately appears much more stable and easy to configure. You can back up Oracle databases installed on Linux servers (local or remote) and then copy backup files using SFTP (SSH) protocol.

Oracle backup features are available starting from the Advanced DB edition, that allows to back up all the major databases: SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB. With a single license you can back up and potect all these databases without any limitation.

Click here to buy Iperius Backup Advanced DB.



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Backup of Oracle databases with Iperius Backup
Iperius Backup Team

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  1. Faisal

    i just download backup application, when i try to connect my oracle database provide user name sys and password its giving me error, NO TNS listener. i check its working but still getting same error.

    Envir: Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise/ Oracle 11g application SAP

  2. marine

    i have created the oracle backup job , but when i start backup , i got “Oracle client tools are not installed”. why?

    windows 7 64bit
    oracle dbhome 64bit
    oracle client 64bit

  3. Kevin Donovan

    I have installed the product on windows 7
    I am attempting to backup 11g xe installed on a remote linux server.
    I cannot locate Rman.exe.
    It is not on the server.
    I have installed Oracle Instant Client and its not there.
    I have gone to Oracle website and cannot find it there.
    Where to go?

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PLEASE NOTE: if you need technical support or have any sales or technical question, don't use comments. Instead open a TICKET here: