Iperius Backup is very easy to install and try out.

There is only one and small-size installation file for all editions. The version that is installed by default is the Freeware one, that can be immediately converted in the Trial version (21 days) or activated using a purchased license code.

In order to try Iperius Backup full version, so all its powerful features, you simply need to download the Freeware edition from the official website, and activate the 21 days trial, simply clicking a button.

Download Iperius Backup Free now:

Download Iperius Free

Once you’ve installed the program, simply click the button shown in the image below (you need an internet connection):

The full version will be immediately activated with all its features, and it will have a duration of 21 days. If this time is not enough for a complete evaluation of the product, you can also ask for an extension of your trial period sending a simple email through this contact form.

When the trial period ends, Iperius is automatically reverted to the Freeware edition, and you can continue to use it in this mode without any time limitation.

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How can I try Iperius Backup advanced features?
Iperius Backup Team

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  1. Abhishek

    I am trying your software as trial verson to backup data to tape drive.
    I have IBM LTO5 tape drive and I am using it on windows 2012 server.

    After backing up 7GB data the IPerius backup software goes not responding and progress is stopped.

    thanks & regards


    1. Iperius Backup Team Article Author


      first of all update Iperius to the latest version. Then, please check if your tape drive is working properly using the test tool provided by the vendor. Also check if drivers and firmware are up to date.

  2. Andre

    Hi, I test today the trial version Iperius Backup 4.4.4 full. . Manually backup some files goes fine. To Dropbox works well too. What goes wrong is the following, I copy from disk D of remote deskpc write. These are 15 content folders altogether approximately 130,000 files.
    At the last file program continues to hang out and connect the backup. Iperius Backup screen is light gray and no longer works. Force Iperius need Backup.
    Use windows 10. Have tried it three times. So first attempt was a new backup. Second and third attempt was then an incremental backup. But three result after shutdown and reopen Iperius “backup did not complete successfully”.
    Iperius also makes no log file of these three attempts. Log file are checked. Of the backup to dropbox though.

  3. Martin Monreal

    Hi all,

    I just tried to activate the full testversion, but all I get is socket error 10061 – connection refused. My internet is through a proxy which requires a login – any suggestions ?


  4. Jeff

    Is there a limit to the amount of files that can be backed up in the Trial Version ? Testing it out on a folder with 600,000 files and 560GB in size and it only backs up 136GB.

    Also will it span mutliple tapes, so if i wanted to backup 6TB and each tape holds 1.5TB will it span across 4 or 5 tapes to do the full backup ?

    1. Iperius Backup Team Article Author


      do you mean it completed the backup with no errors and only a part of the files has been written to the tape? Did you check if you added some filter, folder esclusions, or if there are hidden or system files (by default not included)? No, Iperius cannot span a backup over multiple tapes.

  5. Daniel T

    I ran the backup of my mySQL database and if they are running, can the software do the backup? Will the software encounter error because the file is being used by other processes?

    If possible, can you email your reply to me?

  6. Ryan

    When purchasing Imperius Backup Full version, can this be installed and run on multiple servers or is it restricted to one computer per licence?
    Thank You.

  7. Alan

    It will not allow me to activate trial version. I installed on Windows 7 and am using a router. It says I must configure proxy server. I don’t have a proxy server. How can I activate?

  8. john mitchell

    Does your software have the drivers for the following Conner tape drives ?

    CTT8000-s 8 mm Travan
    CTM3200 4 mm I think

    Thank you


  9. WonkyDonkey

    Trying out backing up 23TB of data to 6.5TB LTO6 tapes before committing to buying the software.

    However, it only tells me how many files have been processed and how many GB so far out of a total. Can you put a timer on it, and average and instantaneous transfer speeds in order to calculate progress?

    I also assume it will span across tapes automagically?

  10. Santiago

    Hi there
    First of all I want to congratulate you on your Iperius Backup program, I think it is very good software.
    I do some very large backups, which take hours to finish.
    I would like to know in which part of the program I can see the progress of a running backup, a percentage, or something that tells me how long it has been running, and how much time is left until it ends.
    All the backup programs I’ve tried have this feature, but I can’t find it in yours, and I think it’s very important to have this information available.
    It is the only thing that Iperius Backup lacks to be perfect, but without that feature, I cannot consider its purchase.
    Thank you so much.

  11. Jeff

    Did I see correctly that Iperius does not span tapes? I have a LTO 5 tape drive, and I would need the capability of switching tapes once a tape has filled, and continue on to another tape until the backup job finishes.

    1. Jeff

      Also, I thought that I saw that Iperius can handle autoloader tape drives. I would assume Iperius can span tapes during a backup if you have autoloader support?

      1. Iperius Team


        Unfortunately autoloaders and tape libraries are not supported by Iperius Backup. However, if the tapes are changed manually, the backup will take place correctly.

        For more technical support open a ticket on https://support.iperius.net

    2. Iperius Team


      currently Iperius Backup doesn’t support spanning of the tape. If the end of tape is reached, Iperius will rise an error in the log file.
      Maybe this feature will be introduced in future releases.

      For more technical support open a ticket on https://support.iperius.net

  12. Andrea

    I am trying your software as trial verson to backup ESXI VM to Qnap NAS drive.
    After backing up 10.0GB data the IPerius backup software goes not responding and progress is stopped after 10 minute.
    If I try to restart backup job it’s stop exactly at 10gb of data transferred.
    I’m not have quota on Nas disk or similar limit.

    Iperius ver 7.6.0 trial.

  13. J.T


    je teste la version FULL et la fonctionalité LTO.
    malheureusement ma HP StorageWorks MSL 2024 n’apparaît pas dans la liste des lecteurs de bandes.
    comment faire?

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PLEASE NOTE: if you need technical support or have any sales or technical question, don't use comments. Instead open a TICKET here: https://www.iperiusbackup.com/contact.aspx