Iperius Backup is a complete and flexible backup software for Windows. Iperius is also available in a freeware edition that can be installed even on server systems, and is a powerful, but yet extremely lightweight and feature-rich software (Download Iperius Backup).

Iperius allows to make scheduled and incremental backups to/from numerous devices, including online storage services. An easy-to-use software, but with a lot of options, to create safety copies of your files.

You can make backups and synchronize files to external USB drives, NAS and TAPE devices, other computers in the network, FTP servers. You can make upload and download of files to and from unlimited FTP servers, even using the secure FTPS/SFTP protocols and encrypting your files (client-side encryption) using the military-grade algorithm AES 256 bit.

Drive Image and Disaster Recovery

Iperius Backup provides powerful Drive Imaging capabilities, that are perfectly compatible with Windows Backup. You can create disk images that can be used to completely recover you system (bare-metal restore). The disk images are in VHD/VHDX format, and allow you to recover individual files or re-install the whole computer/server in a few clicks, even on dissimilar hardware. Iperius also allows you to create a recovery disk on CD or USB device, to start the Iperius Recovery Environment. From this environment, it is also possible to clone hard drives. A very powerful feature, which allows you to clone a physical disk to another physical disk, such as cloning a hard disk to SSD.

VMware ESXi Backup and Replication

Iperius is also able to make hot backups of VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines. With one of the most affordable licensing policies in the world, as with only one (perpetual) € 219 license, you can back up unlimited hosts and virtual machines. Iperius also allows incremental and differential backup of virtual machines on ESXi, ESXi Free, ESXi Cluster and vCenter servers, thanks to the CBT / VDDK mode.

Hyper-V Backup

Hyper-V backup is also very powerful, as it supports RCT (Resilient Change Traking) incremental mode on all newer Windows systems. Finally, Iperius can backup Hyper-V virtual machines even from the network, being able to connect to different hosts and copy the virtual machine files in a fully automated way.

Cloud backup

The online backup capabilities also include the Cloud Backup, with the possibility to send your files (automatically compressed and encrypted) to well-known online storage services like Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneDrive For Business and any S3 compatible storage.

Database backup

One of the most appreciated strong points of Iperius is the posibility to back up practically any database. In fact, Iperius can protect all the most important databases today on the market: SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle and PostgreSQL. With a single and very cheap license you can back up unlimited servers and databases (local or remote).

Exchange and Office 365 backup

Moreover, Iperius provides a powerful set of features for backup and restore of Exchange mail servers. Exchange backup allows you to export and import individual mailboxes to .PST files, even incrementally. With a single license you can protect unlimited Exchange mail servers in your network, and unlimited mailboxes, even with a block-level image mode with log truncation.

Finally, with Iperius it is possible to locally backup unlimited email accounts hosted on Exchange Online (Office 365), saving them locally as single .eml files or in the classic .pst format compatible with Outlook.



Iperius Console for MSPs

Iperius can be also interfaced with a powerful Console, that allows to monitor all the backups from an easy-to-use web panel. You can check logs and possible errors, run a backup job, modify the job schedulings or update Iperius to the latest version remotely.

The high number of features included in Iperius makes it an utility with incomparable flexibility for backup and data transfer to multiple destinations: unlimited number of source items and destinations, open file backup (VSS), running of external scripts, e-mail notifications to multiple recipients, installation as service, multiple and parallel backup tasks, FTP Download (to make a local backup of files, websites and remote databases), FTP Upload (to make online backups or to automatically update websites), incremental backup, synchronization, encryption, automatic backups with advanced scheduler, and detailed logs (backup history).

Iperius Backup is the reliable, easy and powerful software that completes the work of your company. With low-cost licenses, no annual renewal fee, and with free support and updates.

Compatible with any Windows system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2008, Server 2012, Windows 10, Windows 11, Server 2016,  Server 2019, Server 2022


Official website: www.iperiusbackup.com

Download Iperius Free

(Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil))

What is Iperius Backup ?
Iperius Backup Team

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    1. Iperius Backup Team Article Author

      You can add the “C:\” disk as source folder to back up, then you can exclude individual subfolders in the item settings.
      If instead you need to make a drive image backup (for bare metal recovery), you cannot exclude specific folders.

  1. Bob

    I have just downloaded the free version but I can not see that I can incorporate the time and date in the backup filename, or am I missing something?

  2. Bob

    OK, been fiddling and found it by right clicking on the destination folder and selecting Edit.

    Nice program that works well.

  3. Jos Verhoeff

    When starting a backup task downloading from an SFTP server, I get the following error:
    Access violation at address 008F3E83 in module ‘Iperius.exe’. The server comnnects OK, and the folder list is visible when selecting the directories to download. Pity, the program seems to contain all options I need

  4. Neo

    Hi, currently i use a standalone LTO tape backup, how do i set the differential backup by date and full backup.. Because right now iperius only copy the latest file and the other file are skipped

    1. Iperius Backup Team Article Author

      You cannot set a differential backup manually based on full backup and date.
      Iperius automaticall ychecks the full backup and make the differential backup, but it must be made on a different cartridge.

  5. Vincent

    Is there a way to backup a folders with its sub-folders as zip?

    I am trying to backup folder A as a zip, respecting its sub-folders structure, but I end up with a folderA.zip and inside, all the files messed up, whithout any sub-folder.

    If I dont select the “Activate compression” option, the subfolder structure remains as it should.

    1. Iperius Backup Team Article Author

      Do you mean the software put all files without folders inside the zip file?
      Did you try to create a new job with default settings? Please check you didn’t use the option to copy files into zip without folders.

      1. Vincent

        Yes, the software puts all files without folders inside the zip file.
        I have tried with many jobs, with:
        Activate zip compression
        Paths in zip file:
        “Full path” & Full path including drive (recommended)

        1. Vincent

          Problem solved, it was Winzip that shows all files without folders, with Winrar no problems.

          Thanks for your time.

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  7. Alexander

    I used Iperius BackUp for 1 year, but now my external backup storage (8 TB) is full.
    How can I limit the BackUp on files which were changed this year, and exlude all files from previous years?

    1. Iperius Backup Team Article Author

      Hello, by default, you you set a number of copies and you didn’t use special variables to create custom folder with a date in its name, Iperius automatically overwrites old backups. Otherwise, you need to remove them manually, or with a script.

  8. Dmytro

    I’m getting Access is denied when trying backup to network. I tried different credentials, nothing works…
    Starting backup to disk – \\\Backups

    Zip compression in the destination: \\\Backups\novrasrv02-fp-r\

    Error: Unable to create destination folder \\\Backups\novrasrv02-fp-r\: 5 – Access is denied (2017-01-20 4:15:13 PM)

    Error: Access violation at address 006A3BCC in module ‘Iperius.exe’. Read of address 00000004 (2017-01-20 4:15:13 PM)
    Thank you

    1. Iperius Backup Team Article Author


      please update Iperius to the latest version, the 4.8.0, and try again.

      If you installed Iperius as service, make sure you installed the service using an administrator acocunt (not the default localsystem account), or specify an administrator account in the impersonation otpion.

  9. Tim


    Can you tell me the file size limits for the backup? I.E. Can I backup, say, 400GB to zip files?

    Or, put another way, is the product designed to backup huge amounts of data in a single backup job?

    Many Thanks,

  10. Rubens Gaion

    Hello, I installed the Trial version and activated the full version for Exchange Server 2016 backup tests with the option to export all the PSTs.
    I did the procedures indicated in the link (https://www.iperiusbackup.net/en/configure-exchange-permissions-backup-export-restore-mailboxes/) but I noticed two problems:
    1) The list of emails that he shows is not complete (he followed them down to the letter G)
    2) when starting the backup the application terminates “Iperius backup stopped working” in the third phase: “Server: xxx.xxxxxxx.com.br/Configuration/Sites/Defau …”

  11. József Nagy


    I use the program on my PC, works well.
    But on some PC (or server) next is happening:

    All backup copy all files, even, when not modified. This is very slow.
    Backup type: First create a full backup, then update ut with new or modified files
    Number of copies:1

    What could be the reason for that?

    Many Thanks!


  12. Kim


    Is it possible to do a tansactional backup of a windws SQL server with the Iperius Backup Adv. Database? And where can I find how to configure this?

  13. Thomas

    I’m testing the free version 6.3.1 of Iperius backup, which stopped with these messages in the log. Restarting the backup returns the same result. The error messages don’t tell anything useful (to me) what is causing the problem, or what these addresses mean:

    Fehler: Nicht behandelte Ausnahme: 0040637DIperius.exe. 0049C924 (1) (13.12.2019 19:29:48)

    Fehler: Nicht behandelte Ausnahme: 004C2D62Iperius.exe. 00000000 (2) (13.12.2019 19:29:48)

    Fehler: Access violation at address 0000006C in module ‘Iperius.exe’. Execution of address 0000006C (13.12.2019 19:31:53)

    Fehler: Access violation at address 0040637D in module ‘Iperius.exe’. Write of address 0049C924 (13.12.2019 19:31:53)

    Fehler: Allgemeiner Fehler beim Backup: Access violation at address 0000006C in module ‘Iperius.exe’. Execution of address 0000006C (13.12.2019 19:31:53)

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PLEASE NOTE: if you need technical support or have any sales or technical question, don't use comments. Instead open a TICKET here: https://www.iperiusbackup.com/contact.aspx