Iperius Remote is certainly an excellent remote connection software for smartworking.

Indeed, it’s possible from the home computer, with a few simple steps, to configure the software to connect at any time and safely to the office computer.

According to company needs, it is possible to choose among the Iperius Remote PRO licenses listed on the web site: https://www.iperiusremote.com/iperius-remote-control-software-shop.aspx.

The paid licenses of Iperius Remote differ from each other due to the number of simultaneous remote connections, for example the Small license allows a maximum of 2 connections at a time, the Medium 5, the Large 10, the X-Large 15., etc… It’s also possible to generate a custom license for a particular number of simultaneous connections.

Obviously, the Iperius Free license can  be used in the company environment for smart-working, but since doesn’t have the possibility of accessing the Administrative panel and verify the employee connections, as in the PRO versions, could be an incomplete choice.

Once the Iperius Remote license has been purchased, you will receive the Master account and Client account credentials by email.

Usually the Master account is the account that is configured in the PC from which the connection is made, while the Client account is the account to be configured  in the computer to be controlled. These accounts  can be configured in unlimited machines, the only limit to check is the number of simultaneous connections allowed by the license.

If you set the Master account  in the home PC,  in this way you have the possibility to see and access all the computers in the office, if instead you want to create groups so that some users can see and access only some specific computers , you can do it from the Admin Panel by creating Operator accounts.

Let’s see together how to configure the software  step by step for Smartworking.


Configure the Client account

First step is download the Iperius Remote software from the website https://www.iperiusremote.com on all the office computers that have to be controlled remotely. The Client account have to be set up on these computers, the credentials are therefore identical to be configured for all the computers in the office.

Once Iperius Remote has been executed, click on the “General Settings” icon (the one representing the shape of a gear, see picture below) :

Iperius Remote Start Screen

Iperius Remote Start Screen

This will open up a window (see picture below) containing several options of the program, such as the interface language and the “Company/organization name” and “Computer Description” fields, useful for customizing how to the PC is shown inside the contact list. Furthermore, you can also set a password to protect the configuration:

Iperius Remote - Settings Page

Let’s click on “Access Accounts” tab, this will show a window (see the image below) where you can set the Client accounts:

Iperius Remote - Access Account window

After inserting the credentials of the Client account, let’s click on the “Add” button to add it to the “Access Accounts” list below.

Iperius Remote - Access Account - Add Account

The Client account just configured will be added to the list straightaway. Let’s now click on the “Save” button below (see following screenshot) to apply and save changes and make sure that your PC will be added to the contact list of that Iperius Remote license.

Iperius Remote - Access Account - Save changes


Once this configuration is saved you come backup to the initial window.

At this point it is essential to click on “Allow Connections” so that the computer is enabled for receiving remote connection.

Finally, set the Service to enable unattended access, a very important option especially for Smartworking. You can follow this tutorial for activation: https://www.iperiusbackup.net/en/install-iperius-remote-as-service-for-automatic-unattended-access/


Configure Master or Operator account

Let’s now configure the home PC that will be used to control the office computers.

First of all, also here download Iperius Remote from the web site https://www.iperiusremote.com and execute the software.

- If you do not need that the users can see or access specific computers, we can quietly configure the Master account into the home PCs.

- If instead you need to create groups so that some users can see and access only some computers, it is possible to do it from the Admin Panel and it’s possible to create Operator Accounts (or simply Operators). To do this, follow this tutorial step by step and then you will configure the created accounts within the Iperius Remote software: https://www.iperiusbackup.net/en/iperius-remote-3-1-0-web-administration-panel-creationmodification-of-users-and-groups/

The configuration of the Master / Operator account can be made from the “Account” tab in the General Settings.

Set Master Account or Operator Account

Set Master Account or Operator Account


By ticking “use the following account”, it is possible to add or manage accounts.

To add a Master or Operator account , you can click on the button on the right of the drop-down menu. The form contains the list of stored and usable accounts on the left. Select New and set the account credentials, finally Save.

BY the drop-down menu, selecting the desired username and clicking “Save”, the program is indicated to use those specific credentials to access all the software functions that require user authentication and profiling (eg : List of Hosts).

The accounts are all configured correclty now.

As last step, in order to verify that the remote connection is working correctly, from Iperius Remote (on your home PC) click on “List of Clients“,  the Address Book where there are all the Client accounts saved in the office (or only a few if you are using a Operator account), select the office computer you want to connect to and click on “Connect”

Iperius remote - Finestra principale

Iperius remote – Main window

Iperius remote - Collegarsi ad un client

Iperius remote – Connect to a client


This Address Book is convenient because it allows, once the Client accounts are configured, to connect directly to the office without needing to specify any password. Obviously if you want to specify a password to access the Client account you can always do it from this window in this way: right click on the Client you want and select “Edit”on the drop-down menu that opens on the right a panel to change the client settings

Iperius remote - Impostazioni client

Iperius remote – Client settings

In this tab, not only can you change the data displayed in the list (Name, Company, Description) but you can also choose to set an access password valid only for the operator by checking the “Password Protected” option and clicking on the “Set” button .


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Smartworking with Iperius Remote
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PLEASE NOTE: if you need technical support or have any sales or technical question, don't use comments. Instead open a TICKET here: https://support.iperius.net