Iperius is a complete backup software for desktop and server systems. It has many features, one of which is easy and efficient and allows hot backup of VMware ESXi virtual machines.

Iperius can take a snapshot and download ESXi virtual machines from any computer in the network (or even from a machine which is in the same virtual environment), and perform the backup without any downtime.

Following some of the most significant features of Iperius for this kind of backup:

  1. Extremely lightweight and stable software
  2. Very easy to be configured and to be scheduled for automatic backup
  3. Compatible with all ESXi (4.x, 5.x) versions
  4. Compatible with ESXi free version (Backup ESXi Free vSphere Hypervisor).
  5. One of the lowest price on the market (€ 146), perpetual licence, both support and updates are for free.
  6. Only one license nedeed for unlimited host and virtual machines
  7. Complete utility that has many other backup features

Following, a short tutorial shows how to perform backup of ESXi virtual machines:

As soon as Iperius has been installed and launched, you can create new backup job:

Create a new backup job

Then, as the picture below shows, add a special item, that is ESXi backup:

First you must create a connection account to the ESXi server (host). To do that, click on the dedicated button as shown in the picture below.
Creating an account is very easy: you simply have to specify the ESXi host IP address, the username and password.

Once the account has been created and saved, you can establish a connection to see and select virtual machines:

Basic settings are very few. It can be enough to select one or more virtual machines and specify a backup destination, which can be either a local folder or network share (in this case it might be necessary to specify an account to authenticate in the shared folder). Among the available options you can choose if making a virtual machine snapshot (required for hot backups, if the VM is running), if shutting down and rebooting  machines and if copying the folder where you download VMs into further backup destinations (i.e. Tape).

That said, save the virtual machine backup item by clicking OK. Moving on to the next panel, except if you want to copy the backup to further destinations (i.e. Tape), you can leave the list empty (since the destination is already included into the item).

In the “Options” panel, leave all the options to their default values, while you can read the following tutorial for automatic scheduling and email notifications:

How to set up automatic backups with integrated scheduler
How to configure email notifications after backup

Finally, choose a name for the backup job and save it clicking OK.

You can immediately launch the backup right clicking on it, as shown in the image below:


Considerations on backup speed:

With a standard configuration the backup is much faster when Iperius is installed on a physical machine (external) in the same network of the ESXi server, while it can be slower when Iperius is installed on a VM hosted in the ESXi server itself. Anyway, to improve network performances and to solve possible problems, it’s recommended to read the related VMware documentation: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1004087 .



Restoring an ESXi virtual machine that you’ve previosly backed up with Iperius is very simple. In fact, Iperius saves the virtual machine in its original format (with the various .vmdk, .vmx files, etc.), so you will simply need to re-upload the folder containing the backup to the ESXi datastore (using the standard management software provided by VMware, vSphere Client), and then reconnect the virtual machine simply right clicking on its .vmx file and then on the menu item “Add to Inventory”. Once you did this, you can immediately restart the virtual machine.


Scarica la versione di prova gratuita

(Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil))

Backup ESXi and vSphere Free Hypervisor with Iperius
Iperius Backup C.


  1. Rudolf Schwarz

    Hello it is possible to backup one Disk from the virtual machine.
    I want Backup only the System Disk, the Data Files i make a separate Backup

    so i can backup weekly the System and the Data Files daily.

    Rudolf Schwarz

  2. Iperius Backup Team

    Hi, currently it’s not possible to select individual disks. However, for data disks it might be a better strategy to install Iperius in the VM and make an incremental backup of files. It would be faster and easier to restore.

      1. LIU Huan


        What means to install Iperius on the virtual machine, if I install again one on the virtual machine which I want to backup, can I do the incremental backup?

  3. HPNP


    cherchant une solution de sauvegarde pour mes serveur ESXI je suis tombé sur la votre, j’ai télécharger le logiciel pour réaliser un essais, mais je me retrouve confronté a une erreur a la création de l’un de mes serveur ESXI lors du test de la connexion , j’ai comme retour d’erreur :

    ” le test a retourné un résultat négatif: le serveur distant a retourné une erreur : (404) introuvable. ( le nom du dossier de la machine virtuelle contient des caractères non valides. renommez le dossier à l’aide des lettres et des chiffres uniquement)”

    pourriez vous m’expliquer cette erreur, et me donner une solution ?

    merci par avance

    1. Iperius Backup Team

      Votre problème vient du fait que vous avez des caractères spéciaux dans le nom d’une de vos VM ou dans le nom du datastore (certains caractères spéciaux ne sont pas supportés par ESXi pour certaines actions). Pour résoudre ce problème, vous devez donc soit changer le nom de votre VM soit l’exclure.

  4. Hairo Lobos

    Buen día, e realizado un backup de una maquina virtual entera, cuando quiero restaurarla desde Vsphere y no muestra como valido el archivo.

  5. historius


    Nous testons votre logiciel , pour trouver une solution globale de backup .
    Nous n’arrivons pas à nous connecter à nos VM via notre vcenter , et seulement par nos ESXI 6.0 .

    Est ce normal ?

      1. historius

        Nous retestons votre logiciel pour savoir si on peut a présent se connecter sur le Vcenter . il semble que non .
        Le problème est que dans le cas du vSphère DRS , les VM sont suceptibles d’être déplacée des ESXI , ce qui rend la sauvegarde en erreur .

        1. Iperius Backup Team

          Hello, currently Iperius can only connect directly to the ESXi hosts, not through the vCenter. However, this feature is quite ready, if you wait a couple of week it will be released in the next version of the program.

  6. Nick

    When backing up Ubuntu 16 Server VM’s from an EXSi host I receive errors: There was an error downloading the vmdk, The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.
    Any ideas? Works fine for all our Windows and CentOS VM’s.
    Also, is the option to exclude certain disks from VM’s planned to be implemented?

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